Finding intelligent algorithms for better business.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in visualizing and understanding large, complex data sets.  Knapdata provides a variety of data analysis services and provide comprehensive data analysis services.

Our consulting services include:
  • Transform data and extract Intelligence to help in better decision making.
  • Software implementations of mathematical algorithms
  • Implementation of storage, retrieval and search on Big Data
  • Intelligent Data Analytics

Our services entail the design, implementation and analysis of all types of mathematical models. For more information on pricing and scoping for Oculus Data Analysis Services, please contact us at info@knapdata.com.

How can we help?

Mathematical models and algorithms in business and consulting are an invaluable tool for decision support. All our work is based on this premise, ensuring that the results of our mathematical models, algorithms and analyses are ingrained into the objectives of our clients business, giving them accurate and relevant results.


Clean and Transform Data

Among many facets of Data Analytics, inspecting and cleaning data is utmost important. This is accomplished by a semi-automated self-learning algorithm along with a manual correction using visual representations of data.

Model Your Data

Develop conceptual models using various algorithms, using scaling and probability arguments. Capture ideas in conceptual models, and find meaningful patterns and represent them visually. Mine data with computationally intensive methods such as simulation and clustering.

Intelligent Reports

In order to look for semantics and clues in data that is not obvious is indeed not an easy task. Our approach is more like the analyst approach but simulated via software. We also believe in going green and therefore print enabled versions are made available only on request.

Big Data

Since early $2008$, the limits of data already were on the order of $10$ million gigabytes to $10^{12}$ gigabytes. With this volume of data, it is an opportunity to find insights in a new and emerging types, to be able to answer questions that were previously considered only fiction.

Until now, there were no practical way to harvest this opportunity. But today, we have several different options, and we have the expertise to guide you through that path.

Data Intelligence

Access to your data can give you the insight you need to make better strategic decisions and grow your business. Whatever your vision, we help power your business performance through our unique expertise in three key areas:

  • Market - Creating a compelling product that appeals to your targeted customers
  • Sell - Reaching those customers where they shop for the products and services that you sell
  • Operate - Operating efficiently to provide the product the customer expects

Big Data & Media

Big data Analytics Change the Way You Engage: Listen, Analyze, Respond.

The Media and Entertainment industry of today – and tomorrow – demands that content creators and distributors adapt to a new way of leveraging big data analytics to understand audiences. This often demands analytic capabilities that most don’t have in place.