Abraham Lowenstein


Abraham Lowenstein (a.k.a Abe) is CEO of Knapdata, with over 20 years experience in business and technology arenas highly skilled in Business systems implementation, Systems Design and Development, Infrastructure planning and Resource Management. He has significant experience in business development initiatives and proposal writing with expertise in Program and Project management in multi-cultural and global environments, P&L Management, Budgeting/Finance, Strategy Planning and Execution, Contingency Planning, Change Management and Vendor Management.

Abe has a varied expertise from Professional Services, Mobile Technology, Electronics and Security, Federal Government, Manufacturing, Engineering, Media & Entertainment, and Education. He has an M.S in Computer Science from University of Connecticut and an MBA from Stanford University.

Vinod Iyer

CEO/CTO (International)

Vinod has worked on Budgets, Import and Export, Supply chain management, Inventory and Costing systems. He has Developed Strategic Alliances with International clients. In addition he has

  • Build Client confidence to accept DTP as a tool, a challenge in India.
  • Negotiating contracts to reduce costs, manage price points
  • Restructures sales strategy to retain market share and maximize sales numbers.
  • Improved purchasing power for optimum margins & ROI and managed support structure and systems to keep high after sales service level.
  • Developing, motivating and leading teams to in various disciplines of DTP.

Kirthi Raman

Advisory Board Data Science & Visualization

Kirthi Raman has a new role of Advisory Board at Knapdata, where he plays a key role in the provision of vision, technological guidance, innovation and leadership in strict compliance with the enterprise goals; handling the management of advanced technology, user experience, and technical publications and formulating strategic goals; finding intelligence in large data at Knapdata.

Kirthi has a pragmatic background in Mathematics & Computer Science, alongside solid experience managing software design. His expertise spread across various fields, including Imaging, Telecom, Healthcare, Mobile Applications, Internet Technologies, Mathematical Modeling and Product Design, with solid mentoring experience & a strong aptitude for motivating staff to peak performance. He has an M.S in Mathematics and M.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Delhi and an M.S in Computer Science from University of Maryland.

Kirthi is highly proficient at leveraging the power of continuous improvement, with great creative flair & the ability to achieve vision in conjunction with long-term financial viability. Systematic & target-driven, combining an analytic approach to problem-solving with an innate ability to provide tactical solutions.

Kirthi has been active on Math.Stackexchange here, and mentors school children in Math and Science Olympiads. He loves solving math problems.